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"Ever After" is an 8-page graphic story drawn for Zubaan's comics anthology Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back, published 2015 in association with the Goethe Institut New Delhi. The north American edition, published by Ad Astra Comix, released in December 2015.


Featured in The Caravan: (link)

"Priyanka Kumar illustrates a wordless universe filled with phantasmagoric images that start in a dream, and make up one of the most haunting visuals in the book even as she brilliantly captures the flow of conversation between a couple." - The Hindustan Times

"Born out of memories of tea, post-school sunlight and other memories, Priyanka’s story tells us the tale of an afternoon. And with her brush strokes, she brings to life a surreal afternoon spent reliving familiar sights flashing on television and heartwarming conversation."
Striptease The Mag

"‘Ever After’ by Priyanka Kumar shows us a woman escaping from the tedium of a conventional life with a husband and female gossip-buddies, into a fantasy realm with mysterious, lascivious monsters." - The Indian Express

"Priyanka Kumar scans living room lives, focusing on the improvisations employed by women to escape mindless domesticity...These voices make it possible to India beyond existing laws and social precepts."

"The sometimes trippy story – where objects and patterns repeat in the place of dialogue and thought – defies understanding, likely as the story itself engages with the need to find one’s own way through life and never settle for the narratives broadcast into our homes." - Great Bear Comics


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